Sounds of gunfire wake up residents in Pathankot

Saturday, Jan 2, 2016,13:19 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Pathankot | Sounds of gunfire today woke up the residents of Dhaki area near the Air Force station here which was attacked by suspected terrorists from Pakistan today in which three security personnel along with four attackers were killed.

The loud noise of helicopters deployed by Air Force as part of intensive search operations also kept residents alert in the area. When I heard the noise early morning, I went upstairs to see what washappening. I could hear the loud gunshots being fired, Dinesh Sharma, resident of Dhaki area, said. Sharma’s house is about 700-800 meters away from the Air Force station. Since heavy force was deployed yesterday after the news of SP’s kidnapping, I got suspicious about someterror attack so we were alert, Sharma told overphone.

He further said helicopters kept on hovering theentire night with search lights on to trace the suspects and they were glued to the television for latest updates. Another Dhaki area resident Surjit Singh said, I also heard the sound of firing early morning. Meanwhile, SD College which is also located near Air Force Base station postponed the exams in the wake of terror attack. We have postponed the practical exams of physical education students because of the attack.

The exams will nowbe held on January 9, SD College Principal Samindra Sharma said. There is no panic among people at all here about this latest incident even after Dinanagar attack. We are confident that our security personnel will finish them terrorists off, Sharma said. Despite the attack, I have sent my daughter who is a doctor posted at PCMS at Narot Jaimal Singh area to work, he added. Meanwhile, heavy security personnel were deployed around the area and barricading was done in the wake of attack. Vehicles bound for Pathankot and other areas were thoroughly being checked by the Punjab police personnel.