North Korea conducts ‘successful’ hydrogen bomb test

Wednesday, Jan 6, 2016,10:17 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Seoul | North Korea announced today it had successfully carried out its first hydrogen bomb test, a development that, if confirmed, would marking a stunning step forward in its nuclear development. The republic’s first hydrogen bomb test has been successfully performed at 10:00am on January 6, 2016, based on the strategic determination of the Workers’ Party, a state television news reader announced.

With the perfect success of our historic H-bomb, we have joined the rank of advanced nuclear states, the announcer said, adding that the test was of a miniaturised device. The surprise test was personally ordered by North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and came just two days before his birthday. Only last month, during remarks made during an inspection tour, Kim had suggested Pyongyang had already developed a hydrogen bomb, although the claim was greeted with scepticism by international experts.

A hydrogen, or thermonuclear device, uses fusion in a chain reaction that results in a far more powerful explosion. The latest test, completely based on our technology and our manpower, confirmed that our newly-developed technological resources are accurate and scientifically demonstrated the impact of our miniaturised H-bomb, the television announcer said.

The announcement will leave the international community scrambling to verify the accuracy of the North’s claims. Most experts had assumed Pyongyang was years from developing a thermonuclear bomb, while assessments were divided on how far it had gone in mastering the technology to miniaturise a device that could fit on a ballistic missile.

While vowing to stick by a no-first use policy, Wednesday’s statement said Pyongyang would continue to pursue an advanced nuclear strike capability. As long as the vicious anti-North policy of the US persists, we will never stop development of our nuclear programme, it said.