A rare real life to reel life

Tuesday, Jan 12, 2016,21:46 IST By metrovaartha A A A

The sad demise of Noushad, an auto driver in Kozhikode who died while trying to save two workers caught in a manhole in Kozhikode city is a heart wrenching memory to each Malayali. Noushad and his auto was ever ready to help the needy till then. Now, the real life of Noushad is going to hit the big screen.
The movie named ‘Njangalude swantham Unnikka’, to be directed by Sajeesh Velayudhan. The script writers are Sreejesh and Vipinesh, natives of Kozhikkode. Mohan Sitara composes the music for the lyrics of the famous lyricist Bappu Vavadu. The film is going to start with the full hearted cooperation of Noushad’s family. The film uses Noushad’s auto itself in the scenes which require its presence.
Sajeesh Velayudhan, the director of the movie is a notable figure through his advertisement films. He is the product of the Adayar film institute. His documentary on Samoothiri of Kozhikkode, was one of the hits. Bijoys handles the camera.  Suresh Fit Well, the costume designer of the films ‘Kadha Parayumbol’, ‘Indian Rupee’ does the costume design for this film. Sheikh Afzal is the production controller. He is famous through the films ‘Amen’, Manglish’.
Tajuddin is the production executive, while Dinesh Calicut does the makeup. The chief associate director is Kudamaloor Rajaji. Main shooting locations are Kozhikkode and Guruvayoor. The discussion is going on about who will essay the character of Noushad. It is said to be, a youth star in the Malayalam movie is going to play as Noushasd.
Now, Noushad is not a mere name to Malayali, but passion. He is the one, the new generation to follow. “I was really inspired by the life of Noushad. It is my dream to translate his life story to the big screen. I really proud when I think, my debut to the Malayalam film world is with the story of a great man, who sacrificed his life. Noushad should be an immortal memory, only that I want”, says Sajeesh.
The auto rickshaw driver Noushad and the two cleaning workers from the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, BHaskara Rao and Narasimha died of asphyxiation during a maintenance work in one of the sewers in Kozhikkode city. Noushad’s death was the most tragic as he totally ignored the security warning during the hurried rescue work. He didn’t think twice before entering a manhole to save the cleaning workers who got stuck in it.
The workers opened a manhole opposite Jaya Hotel in Palayam and tried to enter it without adequate safety measures. Naushad, at that time, was waiting for the tea he ordered from a vendor when he saw the accident. Without wasting a second, he went to rescue the workers. But to his bad luck one of the cleaners who tried to climb up by clinging to Naushad’s leg, pulled him into the drain instead.
The three men choked to death inside the manhole due to lack of oxygen. Noushad, could have chosen to be a spectator. But he didn’t, in other words, he couldn’t. That differentiates him from others and of course that factor inspired those who want to make a film about the real life of Noushad, a true sacrificer, rare in these days.