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A hope house completes the halfway story

Thursday, Jan 14, 2016,17:38 IST By metrovaartha A A A

”The second Sunday in 2016, will always be in our mind. It will remain marked in our life as a day of fulfillment. The kind hearts joined together for a purpose that proved to be successful. Yes, “Kadhaveedu”, came to a reality. We like to see this reality also as a fitting reply to those who hesitated to extend a helping hand”.
The above lines, imparting love, kindness, goodness and many more positive values were posted on Facebook. The post gained lots of likes, shares and comments. ‘Kadhaveedu’ is a gift to a not so celebrated writer Ashraf Aadoor, from his friends and well wishers.
Asraf Aadoor, a writer and a local cable television journalist, is under treatment for paralysis. He is in comma stage and admitted to Pariyaram Medical College, for the last 11 months. Giddiness was the first symptom. He was taken to a hospital directly from his office. But doctors couldn’t find out any fault. The next day also, he felt giddiness and was taken to a neurologist. He was under observation for one day. The dizziness repeated in him in the following days too.
As referred by doctors he was taken to a multi speciality hospital in Manipal. But at there he became paralysed and lost his ability to speak. “He might have had some blow on his head in childhood”, was the doctor’s inference. Later he was taken to NIMHANS hospital in Bengaluru, and there to Indo-Asian Hospital Kottayam and Neurology centre in Udupi. But he showed no considerable improvement.
He is from a financially backward family. The bitter experiences he had in life reflected in his literary works. He was forced to do mean jobs like construction labour to fetch his meal ticket. But in the midst of all the crisis, he never gave up his love for letters, which helped him to designate his name in the literary world and in the media.
A people’s committee was organised under the leadership of P.S. Vinodan to give medical aid to Ashraf. People from all walks of life including political, cultural, media, film fields joined the movement.  Film directors Salim Ahammed, Blessy, Joy Mathew etc and the common men who were fond of the stories by Ashraf, those who know him personally also joined hands.
First the group thought of making a house for the dependents of Ashraf. His family includes his wife Hajira and two children. By not taking even a paise from the medical fund, they have formed for Ashraf, the friends formation built the house, that cost almost 15 lakhs.
The committee to build the house was formed as K.P. Sudhakaran, CPM Kannur area secretary, as chairman and Iyya Valappattanam, writer, as the convener. P.S. Vinodan a close friend of Ashraf was the main driving force behind to bring the house to reality from the dream.
‘Kadhaveedu’ is situated near to Adoor bridge stop, Koothuparambu road, Kannur. Those who participated in the house warming ceremony, expressed their co-operation towards this noble deed, by buying copies of Ashraf’s book, ‘selected stories’. The commune handed over a furnished house to Ashraf’s family.
But, the writer Ashraf is in a lethargic and sleepy world, where no realities, but dreams might be leading him. To others his life seems to be standing still now. They hope and pray for a wonder to happen, which bring him to active life and fiery letters again.