Hillary Clinton is disqualified from being commander in chief of the United States, says Marco

Friday, Jan 15, 2016,12:10 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Washington | Top Republican presidential candidates today slammed their Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, with one of them saying that she as a president would be a disaster and calling her a mess. To be honest with you, Hillary Clinton would be a national security disaster, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush alleged during a Republican presidential debate yesterday in South Carolina. Think about it. She wants to continue down the path of Iran, Benghazi, the Russian reset, Dodd-Frank, all the things that have gone wrong in this country, she would be a national security mess, said a charged up Bush, who is trailing far behind in polls. The problem is if she gets elected, she’s under investigation with the FBI right now. If she gets elected, her first 100 days, instead of setting an agenda, she might be going back and forth between the White House and the courthouse. We need to stop that, Bush said.

Marco Rubio, the Senator from Florida, even went a step further. I would go one step further in this description of Hillary Clinton. She wouldn’t just be a disaster, Hillary Clinton is disqualified from being commander in chief of the United States, he said. Someone who cannot handle intelligence information appropriately cannot be commander in chief and someone who lies to the families of those four victims in Benghazi can never be president of the US. Ever, Rubio said. You cannot give Hillary Clinton a third term of Barack Obama’s leadership. I will not do that. If I’m the nominee, she won’t get within 10 miles of the White House, said the New Jersey Governor Chris Christies amidst applause from the audience. Clinton, 68, fought back immediately. Here’s the truth, You can’t make America greater by insulting, shaming, and demonizing the people of America, she tweeted.