Man Squeezes mother and baby goats From Stomach Of Python

Friday, Jan 15, 2016,14:47 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Thiruvananthapuram | The man from Kerala pulls out two goats from the stomach of six feet long python snake with his bare hands. The man holds the snake in his hands and starts pulling the goats out of the snake’s stomach. After a while the snake throws out two goats because of pain. One mother goat along with baby goat was seen coming out from the the snake’s stomach.

As soon as the video was uploaded it started getting viral and it started gaining the attention from viewers across the world. The video shows unbelievable moment as some villagers presses the bloated stomach of the snake.

The man was unaware of goats being already died, although he was trying hard to take out the mother and baby goats. The villagers were shouting that snake may bite. The snake is believed to swallowed the two goats from the village from Kerala. At the end of the video both of the goats are seen lying on the roads and man seems to release the snake out of his hands.