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Iris Maju dreams for the super crown

Friday, Jan 29, 2016,20:57 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Iris Maju, Mrs India is busy related to her journey to the world’s most populous country, China. She is in the search of some beautiful costumes to enhance her beauty. The aim of her short drive with her son Abel from Vyttila to Panampilly Nagar in Ernakulam was too to select costumes.
Iris is the first South Indian to represent the country at the Mrs World pageant to be held in China. Mrs. World competition is going to be held in March.
The Mrs. India crown, was not a sudden gain for this Malayali. Proper dieting, exercise, meditation, yoga, etc are behind it. The Mrs India pageant started with national-level auditions. A total of 300 candidates were shortlisted, of whom 50 reached the semi-final.
Iris, a Kochi native, married to Army officer Maju started her career as an Education counselor at Pune Army school. When she was there, she came to know more about the competition and wanted to become a participant. But, the 2014 Mrs India contest was in Jaipur. So she couldn’t make it.
Her dream became a reality in 2015. Iris Maju won and was nominated for the Mrs World. The pageant considered her achievements, height and beauty. More than 900 married women had applied for participating in the contest, from whom Iris Maju was selected.
An eighteen days competition is to take place in China. For the traditional round, she has decided to perform the martial art form of God’s own country, ‘Kalari’. She has been practicing it in ‘Agastya Kalari’, in Fort Kochi.
Iris likes to read a lot. She used to act in dramas, while she was in school. She had received prizes for Malayalam oration. She likes to write too. “My family is my strength, always. My mother Jetrude and sister Atlin stand as a strong pillar to me. By February last, I will go to China. Have to compete with 50 contestants in China to get  the status of Mrs. World. Nobody is accompanying me to China”, Irin smiles.