Saritha Nair says she paid lakhs of rupees to Benny Behnan and P.C. Vishnunath

Tuesday, Feb 2, 2016,13:00 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Kochi |Saritha. S. Nair, the accused in the solar scam, has told the inquiry commission that she had paid lakhs of rupees as contribution to Congress MLAs.

She made the revelation while resuming statements before the commission Tuesday.

She said she paid Rs. 5 lakhs to Benny Behnan, and Rs. 2 lakhs to P.C. Vishnunath, for which she had not received receipt.

Sarith said she made the payment to Benny in 2011 November towards party fund. She told the Commission that the MLA was known to her earlier.

Vishnunath was paid money as contribution to Manavikayathra in two installments in 2012. The second tranche was paid at Ernakulam guest house.

Saritha said her company Team Solar had paid money to several other political leaders, and that she is ready to produce evidence for the same after collecting them.

Saritha told the Commission that she was sexually exploited, and such matters can only be revealed in confidential sitting. At the same time she doesn’t prefer publishing a letter she wrote in the jail.