US to soon provide more aid for Syria, Obama tells Cameron

Wednesday, Feb 3, 2016,14:02 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Washington | President Barack Obama has told British Prime Minister David Cameron that the US will soon make significant new contributions to support relief efforts in Syria and help in dealing with the crisis that has burdened Europe with a record number of refugees. In a telephonic conversation with Cameron, Obama discussed the Syrian crisis and the resultant need for steps to improve humanitarian access and build confidence in support of the political process, the White House said yesterday.

The two leaders spoke about Syria ahead of a conference of donor nations in London tomorrow. He informed Cameron that the US will be represented at the Conference by Secretary of State John Kerry, who will announce significant new contributions to support relief efforts. Obama reaffirmed to Cameron the US’ commitment to help alleviate the pressures on Europe due to the unprecedented influx of Syrian refugees.
Obama reiterated the commitment of the US to continue to support those displaced by the violence in Syria and elsewhere in the region, as well as to help alleviate the pressures in Europe created by the unprecedented inflow of refugees, the White House said. In a November meeting in Vienna, world powers had agreed on a road map that foresees six months of intra-Syrian talks, leading to a new constitution and free elections within 18 months.

The conflict has dragged in a number of international players from Iran, Turkey and the Gulf states to Western nations and, since late September, Russia. Obama and Cameron also discussed Libya, where nations are struggling to determine how to address the Islamic State militant group’s expansion. The two leaders are urging an end to Libya’s political stalemate.

Finally, they noted ongoing efforts to resolve the political impasse in Libya, the White House said and added that Prime Minister Cameron updated President Obama on his negotiations with European Union leaders to reform the United Kingdom’s membership in the EU. Obama told Cameron that the US supports the UK remaining in the European Union.