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‘Rise of Global Southern Belt to give ray of hope to Indians’

Wednesday, Feb 10, 2016,14:52 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

New Delhi | China’s initiative to revitalise the Silk Road would open many opportunities and the rise of the Global Southern Belt would provide a ray of hope to Indian entrepreneurs, according to long-time China observers John Naisbitt and his wife Doris.

In regards to the Global Southern Belt, we believe that especially China’s initiative to revitalise the Silk Road would open many opportunities. India has very good and historical connection to African countries. It shouldn’t miss the opportunity to be connected via the new Silk Road with the prime position it has.

In the India-Africa Forum Summit your Prime Minister pointed out India’s interest in Africa. And many entrepreneurs are already engaged in various Indian African businesses, they said. The couple have recently published a book titled Global Game Change: How the Global Southern Belt will Reshape Our World, which argues that the global authority of the West is no longer unchallenged; the Western worldview is no longer accepted as universal. And it is increasingly being questioned by emerging economies around the globe that are developing their own standards which form a belt around the southern part of the globe: The Global Southern Belt.

The book, published by Sage India, is seen as an indispensable roadmap of the transforming global landscape. In an email interview, the Naisbitts said India is playing a major role in the global community and has the advantage that it’s very much liked in the global community.

The world wants India to be successful, to beat China, to say it clearly. We also have to differentiate between India’s political and economic agenda. Ideally India could become a bridge between the Middle East, Pakistan and Iran and China. It could hold high the banner of democracy among a continent where many citizens are still fighting for basic human rights, they said.