Thousands offer ‘Makam Thozhal’ prayers

Tuesday, Feb 23, 2016,15:00 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Kochi | Thousands of devotees are gathering here at the Chottanikkara Devi temple, Ernakulam to get a glimpse of the deity on the auspicious ‘Makam Thozhal’ day.

It is observed on the day when Makam or Magham Nakshatram falls in the Malayalam Month Kumbham. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Shakti and attracts thousands of devotees daily.

Women devotees arrive in large numbers on the Makam Thozhal day and are given preference at the temple.

On the Chottanikkara Makam day, the Murti of Goddess is taken out on a ritualistic bath. From there the Goddess Bhagavathy is accompanied by Lord Shastha and eleven caparisoned elephants to the open ground known as Pooraparambu – she stays there till noon.

After this the Goddess returns to her Sanctum Sanctorum and appears later on the day for the famous Makam Darshanam or Makam Thozhal at 2.00 PM. Devi who appears in her sacred full-fledged splendour and glory decked in her sacred gold ornaments, precious jewellery and innumerable garlands. This is exactly the form of vision which Villwamangalam Swamiyar was believed to have had when he faced westward after the “Prathishta” (installation) of Kizhukkavu Bhagavathy, Chottanikkara Devi appears at this moment clad in glittering clothes brilliant ornaments and fine jewellery with her four arms bearing varam, Abhayam, Shank and Chakram (Offering gift and refuge) to her ardent devotees.

It is believed that prayers offered at this period will be fulfilled.