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Katy Perry still close to John Mayer?

Wednesday, Feb 24, 2016,15:52 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Los Angeles | Pop star Katy Perry has reportedly remained good friends with her ex John Mayer, who she dated on and off over the past few years. Katy and John remain friends and care about each other. They just want to see each other happy.

They have no animosity towards each other, a source said. However, her friendship with Mayer is not a problem for her current alleged boyfriend Orlando Bloom and things have reportedly gotten so serious between Perry and the Lord of the Rings actor. Katy and Orlando are doing really well. They have been hanging out a lot over the past two months. They are a very chill pair.

They both communicate great and laugh when they are around each other. Katy has met Flynn (Bloom’s son), and they get along wonderful. She thinks he is so cute and such a well behaved kid! Katy would [also] like kids one day, and she is vocal about that. Flynn’s mother is model Miranda Kerr, who Bloom split from in 2013 after three years of marriage.