CPI(M) : Prime Minister frustrated by abject failure of government

Friday, Feb 26, 2016,10:29 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

New Delhi | The CPI(M) has countered Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s charge that disgruntled NGOs and black-marketeers were conspiring to de-stabilise the government, saying it is the abject failure of his dispensation that is irking him and not any alleged conspiracy. The CPI(M) targeted Modi also for saying that some people were not able to digest the fact that a tea-seller became Prime Minister and hence, were conspiring all the time to bring him down, stating the BJP leader is showing signs of strain and frustration barely two years into office.

CPI(M)’s former general secretary Prakash Karat observed that the attitude shown by Modi has nothing new as it has been stock in trade of various Prime Ministers in the past to declare that foreign and internal forces are out to de-stabilise their governments when faced with insurmountable problems. Karat, in the editorial of party mouthpiece ‘People’s Democracy’, said it was not clear which foreign hand is behind the conspiracy to de-stabilise his government and quipped the same could not be Americans who find an eager ally in the Prime Minister.

There is no danger of the opposition uniting to oust the government since the ruling party commands a firm majority in the Lok Sabha. As for the NGOs posing a threat to the Modi government, that is a laughable assertion. What is irking the Prime Minister is not any conspiracy to oust his government rather it is the abject failure of the government on all fronts, the communist leader said. He said the list of Government’s alleged failure is lengthy and the most serious failure is on economic front including severe agrarian crisis, contracting industrial production, fall in exports, growing unemployment, etc.

It is in such a situation, Karat alleged, the Government and BJP have embarked upon curbing dissent and attempting to steamroller Hindutva values on to the university campuses. The cry of anti-national elements having infiltrated the campuses mirrors the conspiracy theories against the government being spouted by the Prime Minister, he said. Karat also claimed that the President’s customary address to Parliament at the beginning of budget session reflected the complacency and ostrich-like attitude of the government.

There is no indication whatsoever about serious problems faced in the economy and how the government proposes to tackle them. There is no mention whatsoever of the situation in central universities like Hyderabad and JNU, he rued. Addressing a farmers’ rally in Odisha on February 21, Modi had alleged that disgruntled NGOs and black-marketeers were conspiring to destabilise the government and defame him and asserted that he will not bow to any machinations. He had said some people were not able to digest the fact that a chai wala (tea seller) has become the Prime Minister and hence were conspiring all the time to bring him down.