62-year-old artist hosts solo show in Delhi

Monday, Feb 29, 2016,14:51 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

New Delhi | From terrorism to over ambition a host of contemporary issues find creative interpretations in the paintings of 62-year-old artist Pallab Kanti Mitra who hosted his first solo show here recently. My pictures are full of disturbances, says Mitra who was born in Bangladesh in 1954 and who witnessed the turbulent times in country which was then known as the ‘East Pakistan.’

An exhibition of artworks by Mitra was recently put on display at the Lalit Kala Akademi here. His paintings full of colours has been described as a ‘riot of colour’ by many.  After landing in India, Mitra graduated in science from Calcutta University in 1975 and then cleared the West Bengal Civil Service Exam to take up a job. It was after this that his love affair with poetry began which subsequently gave way to what he does now – painting. Its because of poetry I can imagine a lot of things in my painting he says.

Paintings by him on display bear titles such as ‘Magician’, ‘Dream’ and ‘Crisis of Harbour.’ He says his pictures are based on ‘social and environmental consciousness’. ‘Dream’, which is one of his favourite paintings depicts a man in deep slumber but is able to feel his heartbeats.

One picture has been titled ‘Condemn Terrorism,’ one of the gravest dangers of modern days. The picture depicts a garden about to be swallowed by a dark cloud where the darkness symbolises the modern day extremism ‘soon going to destruct everything.’

Mitra has written four books of poetry and says he could have made it even bigger had he been a full-time painter.  I had the responsibility of marrying off my four sisters. Had I got more freedom, I would have surely made it big, says Mitra who adds that he practices his art while simultaneously keeping up with a day job. Mitra’s first solo show concluded on February 27.