Fired Disney workers support Trump, slam H-1B visa programme

Tuesday, Mar 1, 2016,10:07 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Washington | Two former Disney employees, who were allegedly fired by the entertainment giant, came out in support of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump in an election rally, alleging that American workers are being replaced nation-wide by low-wage H-1B workers. Disney fired hundreds of us. This situation at Disney is not an anomaly. It’s happening nationwide, said the fired IT engineer, Leo Perrero at an election rally of Trump in Alabama on Sunday.

Perrero, who had testified before a Congressional committee during a hearing on H-1B visa last week, said that they lost jobs because of H-1B visa workers. Top US lawmakers during the Congressional hearing on Friday slammed the popular H-1B visa programme and demanded strict action against companies abusing it to replace Americans with low-paid foreign workers, including from India.

Speaking in the rally on Sunday, another former employee Dena Moore said that she was forced to train an H1-B visa holder to replace her, so that they could save money. Our jobs are not only being given to foreigners, but they are robbing Americans of our futures and our dreams, said Moore. Praising Trump, who has vowed to check migrants and transfer of jobs to non-Americans, she said, The thing about Trump that is different than anybody else is that he can’t be bought. We have a chance to stop this problem in America.

It is got to be by a president and politician where they wont be bought by Disney’s Bob Iger or by Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, by all these billionaires who benefit from firing our American workers, Moore said. Moore and Perrero slammed Trump’s rival and Florida Senator Marco Rubio for promoting H-1B visas. What a great disappointment Marco Rubio is. Backed by Disney and other companies to push through legislation that have brought H-1B visas to us and he has sabotaged Americans, Moore said.