‘Kidney dysfunction more prevalent in 60-85 age group’

Wednesday, Mar 9, 2016,17:30 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

New Delhi | Kidney dysfunction is more prevalent in the age group of 60-85 years with majority of cases being reported from eastern India, according to a report.

The report said out of 89,144,10 tests performed in SRL labs across the country for determining the levels of Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN), creatinine and Cystatin C, close to one-thirds showed deranged values of these biochemical parameters of kidney function. Also, individuals above the age group of 60 seemed to be most affected and vulnerable to it. The report is based on analysis of data over a four-year period.

The highest number of abnormality in BUN and creatinine was seen majorly in eastern states of the country with 31.06 per cent while northern and western had 30.02 per cent and 25.73 per cent, respectively. Among the four zones, southern India showed the lowest percentage with 21.84 per cent. As far as analysis on Cystatin C is concerned, highest number of abnormality was seen majorly in eastern states of the country with 59.36 per cent while western and southern states recorded 57.99 and 53.22 per cent respectively.

Among the four zones, northern India showed the lowest percentage of abnormality with 21.84 per cent, said the report. Therefore, cutting geographic zones, the age group most affected with deranged BUN and creatinine values was 61-85 years. Also, as per the report, the frequency of abnormal results were higher in the Cystain C group as compared to the BUN creatinine group.

The frequency of abnormal test results in the Cystatin C group ranged from 50 to 60 per cent. A plethora of systemic disorders like diabetes and cardiovascular problems can lead to progressive deterioration of kidney function and eventually to kidney disease; secondary to these underlying systemic conditions… Lack of preventive information has led to the prevalence of kidney dysfunction, it added.

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