Justin Bieber gets nose pierced

Saturday, Mar 12, 2016,13:22 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Los Angeles | Pop star Justin Bieber surprised his fans by posting a photo of him, sporting a nose ring. The Love Yourself hitmaker shared the selfie on Instagram. In the photo, the 22-year-old singer went shirtless as he lay on a bed while showing off a small stud in his nostril, reported Aceshowbiz.

Bieber had his nose pierced by Pip Holcombe, a Body Piercer at Millenium Ink and the owner of Wildcat Body Jewelry. He, along with his friends, visited Pip’s workshop in Vancouver, Canada on Thursday, March 10. According to Pip, Bieber took it like a champ. He went on saying that Bieber only bled a little and he was great.

Pip revealed that the star’s nose ring was a clear gem bioplast nose stud. Pip also pierced one of Bieber’s friends ears and said that everyone in the singer’s crew was really nice. He asked to take a picture of Bieber after the piercing, but unfortunately the singer turned him down. It seems like a lot of Bieber’s fans love his new nose ring.

One of his followers wrote, Justin Bieber look damn good with nose piercing, while another one said, Justin Bieber got his nose pierced and I’m obsessed. However, some of his fans apparently don’t like his nose piercing. A user wrote on Twitter, justin bieber needs to remove that nose ring ASAP.