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Trump would sweep March 15 primaries in key US states

Sunday, Mar 13, 2016,10:57 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Washington | A group of Indian-Americans has said that despite violent protests at Donald Trump’s rally in Chicago, the Republican Presidential frontrunner has garnered enough support in his favour and would sweep the March 15 primaries in key US states.

In a statement yesterday, the Indian Americans for Trump 2016 a group of community leaders and activists who believes in his ideology claimed that the New Yorker billionaire would sweep the March 15 primaries in key States like, Florida, Illinois, Ohio and Missouri, The sabotage at Trump’s Chicago rally on March 11, 2016 will strengthen the resolve of the American population to elect Trump, and to see his policy on illegal immigration put in action, the group said.

This will make the turnout at Super Tuesday 2 primaries to be very heavy, and will bring Trump’s delegate count close to 800, said the Indian American supporters of Trump which is led by A D Amar from New Jersey, they said. With wins in as many as 14 States, Trump as of now has the maximum number of delegates (460) followed by Senator Ted Cruz (367) and Marco Rubio (153).

To win the party’s presidential nominee, the candidates need to have the support of 1237 delegates out of a total of 2472 delegates. Indian-Americans for Trump, alleged that the riots following the cancellation of Trump’s Chicago rally showed that the intruders were heavily Hispanic, Muslims, and civil rights activists.

The visible placards reading we are not rapists, Liberation Not Deportation, and the t-shirts carrying Islamic messages convey the communities that were participating in the demonstrations. One person among the demonstrators was carrying a red flag with hammer and sickle insignia, the group said. Indian-Americans for Trump 2016 believes that there will be more incidents like this, as Trump’s candidacy gains momentum and his revolutionary agenda closure to realisation, it said.