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Global travel companies join campaign against elephant rides

Monday, Mar 21, 2016,15:37 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Kolkata | Over a hundred travel companies have joined a campaign to stop elephants safaris all over the world as the animals generally face physical restraints during their training period. International animal charity group World Animal Protection said 114 global travel companies have agreed to stop selling and promoting venues with elephant rides and shows. Riding on elephants is a cruel practise.

Although none of the companies operating in India have so far signed our campaign but foreign tourists coming to India will get discouraged to go for jungle safaris or other joyrides on elephants because many travel companies are not offering it in their packages anymore, World Animal Protection’s director Gajender K Sharma said. He said, In order to end these cruel rides and shows we must end the availability for tourists to visit these attractions.

In order to make elephants submit to rides and other human interactions, they are taken away from their mothers and forced through a training process known as ‘crush’ which involves physical restraints, inflicting severe pain and withholding food and water. When not performing or used for rides, most captive elephants are kept in chains and unable to socially interact with one another.