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Man tied upside down on train window for drinking water

Wednesday, Mar 30, 2016,11:37 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Itarsi | In a shocking incident, a youth was beaten up and tied upside down to a window of a train coach for drinking water from the bottle of a fellow passenger without taking permission between Jabalpur and Itarsi stations on March 25.

Though the accused were arrested the same day the incident invited public attention after a video surfaced today. P K Joshi, Itarsi station in-charge of the Government Railway Police, said, Vicky (24), Ravi (25) and Balram (24), students from Patna, were arrested on the complaint of the victim Sumit Kacchi (25) for assault and other offences on March 25 itself.

According to a complaint filed by Kacchi he had boarded coach S-2 of Patliputra Express (Patna-Mumbai) from his hometown Jabalpur that day. Feeling thirsty, he drank some water from the bottle belonging to one of the accused, who were on the way to Mumbai for writing an examination, without asking them.

The accused were so infuriated that they pulled the chain and stopped the train between Jabalpur and Itarsi stations, tied Kacchi’s leg to outer side of the window with his head down, beat him and forced him to travel in that position for nearly four hours, eye witnesses said. At Itarsi, some vendors who got onto the coach released him.

But the accused beat him with belts at the Itarsi station too, eye witnesses said. He filed a complaint with the GRP following which the accused were arrested at Itarsi. Joshi claimed Kacchi did not tell the police he had been tied upside down but they came to know about it only when the video of the incident, shot by one of the vendors, surfaced.