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These pens hold letters unwritten about them

Thursday, Mar 31, 2016,16:41 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Mr. Jolly Manjummal and his story have become a part of history, the history of pens. His name is in Indian Book of Records. His wares are pens and he aims to have a space in Guinnes Record Book owing to the passion. Cigarette lightered pen, Olympic emblem pen, perfume spreading pen, etc. are among the different types of pens seen in his big, rare collection.
A painter by profession, Jolly loved pens from his childhood. He has always excited with the different types and colours of pens. Little Jolly started collecting pens for a hobby. He kept around 30,000 types of pens in early stages. But a houseless Jolly had no place to keep this much. So he was compelled to destroy many unimportant. Now he has got around 6,300 pens.
Jolly’s pen collection includes pens received from great authors, politicians, film stars, etc. Chemmanam Chacko, Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer, Sippi Pallippuram, Hiby Eaden, film director Mecartin are a few among them.
His collection includes pens from 32 countries.A pen from Israel is the biggest. It is modelled like a rocket. The most costly in the collection is a mond blank pen. It costs around 25,000- 30,000. The platinum nib pen is also a collective.
Parker pen, hero pen, golden pen, silver pen, etc. are also there. A small heap of wooden pens, pens bearing stones and pearl, guilted pen, key chain pen, last supper pen, feather pen, magnet pen, vibrator pen, a pen weighing 80 gram etc are seen around. He collected foreign pens, while he was in foreign countries related to his work. “”I approached M. K. Sanu to receive a pen, and he asked me to come some other day and assured me to provide a pen”, Jolly gladly says.
Since 2010, continuously four times, he managed to grab Limca Book Of Records entry. So far many records like India Book of Records, Asia Book of Records, Unic World Record, Record Centre, Tamilnadu Book of Record, American Golden Book of Record came in search for the Pen Man In Kochi.