Pro-RSS journals: ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ core of nationalism

Tuesday, Apr 5, 2016,10:37 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

New Delhi | Pro-RSS journals have described Bharat Mata ki Jai as the core of Indian nationalism, the country being the motherland.

In cover articles in ‘Organiser’ and ‘Panchjanya’ dedicated to Pt Deen Dayal Upadhyay, BJP leader Muralidhar Rao has made the case for chanting the slogan using references from Valmikis Ramayana to buttress the concept of country as the motherland.

Rao backs the call Bharat Mata ki Jai citing an episode where Lord Rama, confronted with an option of staying back in Lanka after defeating Ravana, chooses to head back home.

The BJP leader defended the India as motherland concept quoting ancient vedas to say that ‘Earth is our mother and we the human beings are her sons’.

We have indissoluble reverence to the nation. The core of our nationalism is ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’. A deep conviction has been expressed towards the nation in Valmiki Ramayana also.

After Lanka victory there was a suggestion that Lord Rama along with his Army should stay there permanently. At that time Lanka was the wealth capital in the world.

But rejecting that offer Lord Rama told Lakshmana that mother and birthplace are superior to heaven, he said in the articles. Making a case for undivided India, Rao also recalls the Akhand Bharat call of Pt Upadhyay saying, We are the worshiper of Akhand Bharat.

Deendayalji said Akhand Bharat is not merely a political slogan for us but a matter of belief and reverence.

Quoting the ancient sciptures, he said, Atharvaveda says: Mata Bhoomih Putro Aham Prithvya! (Earth is our mother and we the human beings are her sons). This devotion to the motherland itself develops the feeling of integration. The bond of mother and son naturally makes us a family.