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New smartphone app, adding Shakespearean touch launched in UK

Thursday, Apr 7, 2016,16:55 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

London | A new smart phone app which adds a Shakespearean touch while text messaging, was launched today to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the world famous playwright and to boost tourism drive in London.

Working with VisitLondon.com, the official visitor guide for the British capital, ‘ShakeSpeak’ has been developed by software company SwiftKey, best known for their language prediction app.

By analysing the Complete Works of Shakespeare they developed an app that helps turn users text messages into Shakespearean prose by predicting the playwright’s best known phrases. Swiftkey’s app, which is available to download free of cost, allows the user to simply type the first word or two of a famous Shakespearean quote and the technology will do the rest. Commenting on the development of the app,

SwiftKey’s Head of Partnerships Sarah Rowley said: We are delighted to be combining the Bard’s works with our smartphone keyboard technology for the first time. SwiftKey learns from your writing style, so who better to have as your guide than one of the world’s greatest wordsmiths?.

Shakespeare brought language to the masses in innovative and exciting ways — and now people can experience his unique and timeless use of language on their smartphone keyboard, Rowley said. The launch of the ShakeSpeak app is part of the ‘Fans of London’ tourism campaign from VisitLondon.com, which is supported by the Great Britain Campaign, British Airways and Hilton.

‘Fans of London’ celebrates the blockbuster events taking place across the capital this year, including the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s legacy, and the first ever exhibition on the Rolling Stones, Exhibitionism.VisitLondon. com has identified some of the most genuine and deserving fans of the Royal Family and Harry Potter as part of the campaign. Shakespeare is believed to have died on his birthday, 23 April, in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1616.