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Konkan Railways to construct 11 new stations

Monday, Apr 11, 2016,11:29 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Mangaluru | The Konkan Railway Corporation Limited will construct 11 new railway stations in the sector to enhance line capacity and facilitate train handling. officials today said. Eight loop lines would be built along its 740-km track and the corporation was waiting for the approval from the Railway Board, KRCL Chief Managing Director Sanjay Gupta said in a statement here.

The growth of traffic in the recent past had necessitated the construction of new stations, which were identified at the time of constructing the Konkan railway route, he said.

The ideal distance between two stations on a single-line network, like the KRCL, was 8-10 km for easier train movements, and at present it was 13 km on the route. The average distance would come down to around 11 km once the new stations were built.

The corporation would meet the ideal distance of eight km once construction work on all 20 stations, as originally envisaged in the network, was completed.