Mother refuses to let go of daughter’s body

Wednesday, Apr 20, 2016,9:38 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Kolkata | In a similar episode like last year’s sensational man-living-with-skeleton incident here, the police today found a mother holding on to the body of her dead daughter believing that she would wake up soon from her sleep.

The body of Sangbrita Chakraborty (22) was recovered from her house in Reagent Colony area of Jadavpur here this morning after neighbours called the police and complained of stench emanating from the premises, a senior police officer said.

Sangbrita’s mother Sujata Chakraborty held on to the body, saying her daughter is sleeping and will wake up after some time, the officer said. Post mortem report suggested that Sangbrita died due to a cardio-vascular stroke and the death was at least 48 to 72 hours ago.

But her mother was reluctant to believe that Sangbrita was no more. She was not allowing us to take the body away. It seems the mother is not mentally stable. And because the dead body was highly decomposed, we failed to judge her age initially, but then after talking to her mother her actual age was found out, the officer said.

It was learnt that Sangbrita’s father Nimai Chakraborty had left the family a few years back because of some family issues and the mother-daughter duo was staying on their own. Sangbrita’s elder sister, who left the family after getting married to somebody several years ago, could not be contacted because the mother failed to provide any details of her, the officer said. Whether Sangbrita was a student or was working also could not be ascertained because of Sujata’s disjointed statements, he added.