Will the accused Ganesh Joshi be pulled up for Shaktiman’s death?

Thursday, Apr 21, 2016,10:44 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Kochi | BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi, accused of assaulting the police horse ‘Shaktiman’ during a protest march recently, which led to amputation of one of its hind legs and eventual death, is still walking free.

The party leadership has so far not given any notice to Ganesh Joshi, who has been accused of brutally hitting and assaulting the police horse. Party revealed that they have worked on all the relevant videos regarding the incident, but kept mum on Joshi’s role in it.

Earlier Joshi was arrested on the basis of an FIR lodged against him at Nehru Colony police station and later on released on bail.

But Minister for Women & Child Development Maneka Gandhi, who is also an animal rights activist, is demanding justice for Shaktiman.

In a statement issued after the horse’s death Wednesday, she said Shaktimaan was a “police officer on duty” and the person responsible for his death should be arrested for killing a “police officer”.

She did not mention the name of Joshi.

Shaktiman did not even get any political support when it was undergoing treatment.

Shaktiman died yesterday after battling infection and other complications for over a month.
The horse was suffering from medical-related complications. However the cause of it’s death will be revealed only after the postmortem gets over.

Shaktiman’s story created a great buzz across the country after television news channels aired visuals of the horse being beaten multiple times and dragging its broken, mangled limb in excruciating pain during the protest on March 14. Whether the accused MLA Ganesh Joshi will be punished or not still remains unanswered.