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Indian American body launched to campaign for Clinton

Monday, Apr 25, 2016,10:31 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Washington | A nationwide grassroot body of IndianAmericans has been launched by Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s campaign to support the former secretary of state, hinting that an IndianAmerican could also be appointed under her presidency.
The organisation named ‘IndianAmericans for Hillary Clinton’ (IAHC) was launched yesterday in a Maryland suburb of Washington by Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta.
Podesta, who personally came down from the campaign headquarters of New York, told a gathering of IndianAmericans that relationship between India and the US would reach a new level after Clinton is elected as the president in the November elections.
One of the things that she is committed to having a broad diverse cabinet than any administration. And I think, as Senator and as Secretary she showed that commitment by appointing IndianAmericans to positions of responsibilities and I think you should expect that as president of the United States, Podesta said.
Podesta was speaking to a group of Indian reporters after formally launching IndianAmericans for Hillary Clinton in a Maryland suburb of Washington wherein he was asked if a Clinton Administration could see the first IndianAmerican Cabinet appointment.
I could think of at least one person, who you have already spokes with, who I would like to see in a future Democratic administration, Podesta said, referring to IndianAmerican Neera Tanden, head of the Center for American Progress, a top American thinktank who worked with Clinton for around 14 years.
Tanden was one of the key note speakers at the launch of ‘IndianAmericans for Hillary Clinton’. Given her past work and experience, Podesta told Indian Americans that he has no doubt that the bilateral ties would reach a new height under Clinton administration.
As Secretary of State, she tried to develop a strong relationship between US and India. She actually helped begin to lay the foundation, which I had the ability to work on when I was in the White House for President Barack Obama, to deepen the relationship with Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi to try to get an outcome in the Paris negotiations, he said.
Thrilled at the launch of IndianAmericans for Hillary Clinton, Tanden said that the small but influential ethnic community could play a significant role in several key states like Maryland, New York, Ohio and California. In every position that Hillary has ever held as First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State, she has always had Indian Americans.
I am sure, she will recognise the talents of the IndianAmerican community because she has already done that in the past, said Tanden. Referring to the divisive campaign from the opposition Republican party, Tanden said by doing so they are questioning whether we are going to embrace the diversity or whether racial and religious minority are being seen as part of the country.