Kejriwal writes to Delhi University Vice Chancellor on Modi’s degree

Thursday, May 5, 2016,16:51 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

New Delhi | Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today wrote to the Delhi University vice chancellor on the issue of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s degree, demanding that it be put on the varsity’s website as truth should emerge on a matter of grave concern.

Kejriwal’s missive to Vice Chancellor Yogesh Tyagi came a day after he accused DU of refusing to show Modi’s degree as he never graduated from it. A delegation of AAP leaders had yesterday visited the university to seek a copy of the degree and later claimed they were turned away.

In his letter, Kejriwal said the primary question was whether the Prime Minister had done his BA from DU or not. He went on to claim that the university’s records do not contain Modi’s admission form, marksheet, or any other information about his degree. It is a matter of grave concern since the Gujarat University says that Modi has done his Masters from there.

If he has not pursued BA, then how could he secure admission in MA? This gives rise to suspicions that the MA degree is forged, Kejriwal wrote. Referring to reports that the documents are not in safe custody, the AAP chief urged the Vice-Chancellor to take steps to secure them and upload them on website. One English daily has reported that his degree is not secure and an accident may happen.

This gives rise to another suspicion as to whether a ground for an accident is being prepared then? I urge you to take steps for these documents to be secured. It will be better if these documents are put online. Do the people of this country have the right to know the education qualifications of their PM? If there are serious allegations concerning his degree then the truth should emerge, Kejriwal said.