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Trump warns companies against shipping jobs overseas 

Thursday, May 5, 2016,10:27 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Washington | Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Wednesday warned American companies of very serious consequences if they shift their operations overseas. We’re going to bring back our jobs and we are going to keep our jobs. We are not going to let companies leave, Trump said after winning the Indiana Primary which propelled him to the position of being a presumptive nominee.

Now, if they want to go to a different state, good luck, compete. But when they start going to different countries, and in many cases countries that devalue their currency and make it impossible for our companies to compete, that’s not going to happen, not going to happen, he said. If they want to do it anyway, there will be consequences and there will be very, very serious consequences, Trump said in his first major warning to American companies.

The real estate mogul indicated that economy and trade would be one of his major election issues this summer leading to the November presidential elections in the fall, wherein he is expected to clash with the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Trump used the occasion to lash at Clinton and claim that the former top American diplomat has no understanding of trade. She will not be a great president; she will not be a good president. She will be a poor president. She doesn’t understand trade. Her husband the former president Bill Clinton signed, perhaps in the history of the world, the single-worst trade deal ever done; it’s called NAFTA.

And I was witness to the carnage over the last six weeks especially, Trump said. Now, I’ve known Syracuse and I’ve known Poughkeepsie and I have known all of the different places that I visited in New York and then Pennsylvania and then Maryland,and all of the different states, Connecticut, and I’ve witnessed what it’s done really firsthand. And it has been indeed carnage, he said referring to shutting down of local industries in these cities and States. And we’re going to change it around.

We are not going to let Carrier and all of these companies just think that they can move, go to another country, make their product, sell it back to us and we get only one thing, we get unemployment. Not going to happen anymore, folks. It’s not going to happen anymore, he asserted.