People ‘twisting facts’ about Modi’s Somalia remark: Suresh Prabhu

Saturday, May 14, 2016,10:10 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Kozhikode | People were ‘twisting facts’ on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Somalia remark while in Kerala and he had only highlighted the plight of the tribal community and his desire to improve their living conditions, Union Minister Suresh Prabhu said here Friday.

Before becoming Prime Minister, Modi as a politician and social activist used to visit tribal areas. He only highlighted the plight of tribal community in his speech and expressed his desire to improve the living conditions of tribal people. Modi has great regard and respect for Malayalis. People are twisting the facts, he said.

The comparison made by Modi at a poll rally in the state early this week when he said the infant mortality rate among the scheduled tribe community in Kerala is worse than Somalia has set off a political storm and triggered criticism in the social media.