A festival of noodles from across different Asian cuisines 

Sunday, May 15, 2016,12:21 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

New Delhi | Everything related to noodles from the long thin strips variety to those that resemble waves, strings, shells, folded over or cut into myriad shapes from different Asian countries is at the centre of a food festival that begins here today.

The ‘Noodles festival’ in Hotel Ashok, will see all things noodles as part of a 3-course-meal from varied cuisines across Asia. At an impressive price of Rs 3,000 for two, Chef Rajen Pradhan says, The restaurant will serve 10 different varieties of noodles including yakiudon and yaki soba noodles (Japan), glass and spaghetti noodles in China, rice vermicelli noodles (Singapore), hakka noodles (Taiwan)and normal egg noodles.

From soups to salads to the main course, the festival will be noodles all the way with the Chef churning out authentic Pan-Asian dishes. With a varied range of options, the month and a half long festival promises to cater to varied tastes where foodies can make their pick – bland or spicy, boiled or fried, vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

Those with a delicate palate, can opt for soups which, Chef Pradhan says, are really meals in themselves. They can choose from soups having a light stock with distinct flavours of ginger and garlic, like Asian style chicken and broccoli noodle soup, Singapore style fish ball and pakchoy egg noodle soup among others.

Those having spicier preferences can go for the red hot Chinese Crispy Noodle salad, which is very similar to the Indian bhel, with tomatoes and rich sauces. This hot salad can be followed by the Cold Asian yakiudon noodle salad with peanut and sesame which comes as a relief to the burning ears and running noses.