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I can’t tour in Argentina, says Justin Bieber

Tuesday, May 17, 2016,13:51 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Los Angeles | Pop star Justin Bieber says his Purpose Tour cannot happen in Argentina. The 22-year-old musician did not explain why he could not perform in the country, but mentioned that his lawyers passed along the verdict from the Argentinian government.

Argentinian beliebers I would like nothing more than to bring the #purposetour there but until the legal conditions change there I can’t. If things were to change I would love to come but at this time I cannot. For everyone else in South America I look forward to seeing you.

Argentina I do love you. It is in fact one of my favorite places to tour. I wish this was not the case. My lawyers say it is what it is. Sorry Argentina. I love you, he tweeted. Bieber found himself in hot water there in 2013 when he was seen as disrespecting the country’s flag during a concert, and again last year when an Argentinian judge issued an arrest warrant for him related to an alleged assault of a photographer. The arrest warrant was revoked afterwards.