AIM to spread awareness about art of magic

Tuesday, May 24, 2016,15:56 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Mumbai | Several magicians from the city have come forward to spread awareness about the art of magic for which they have formed an Association of Illusionists and Magicians (AIM).

Outlining the objectives of the AIM, its president Atul Patil said. This art, which used to be most popular in the past, is now losing sheen very fast. It needs to be protected and we, through our association, would strive for it.

We were working for the betterment of magicians since long, but now our association has been registered by the assistant registrar of societies and we will intensify our cause, said Patil. He also referred to several factors responsible for the art of magic losing its popularity.

Disunity among the fraternity, lack of innovative magic shows and skills, below-average presentation, no media support, improper planning and lack of professional knowledge has led to poor monetary conditions of Indian magicians and subsequently less interest among the public, said Patil, who is a magician since last 28 years.

To a question on what should be done to popularise the art of magic, Patil said, It should be accorded the status of art, and entertainment tax (on magic shows) should be reduced. Public involvement and awareness about this art is very much necessary and there should be a proper syllabus on the art of magic for the aspirants.

The AIM has planned a competition of magicians on May 29 in the neighbouring Thane city wherein over 200 magicians from across the country would participate, he said.

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