BJP mocks Left govt in Kerala on not taking ‘No 13′ state car fearing ill omen

Thursday, May 26, 2016,15:59 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Thiruvananthapuram | BJP today took a dig at the new ministers in the LDF government in Kerala for considering 13 as ‘unlucky’ with none of them keen on taking the No 13 state car. In a Facebook post, BJP’s firebrand leader K Surendran mocked at the new government saying that it was contradictory that Communist ministers, who swear by rationalism and were not ready to take oath in the name of God and instead preferred to take solemn pledge had shown reluctance in taking the No 13 state car as their official vehicle.
The number of minister K T Jaleel’s official car is 12 and that of another minister P Thilothaman is 14. The number of the vehicle of the last minister is 20. What is wrong with 13? he asked in the post, a day after the new ministers were sworn in. Don’t people have the right to know why the CPI(M) and CPI ministers, who have made socialism as their basic ideology, have excluded the number 13?, he said, adding, that the party national leaders Sitaram Yechuri and Prakash Karat should give an appropriate reply.
Surendran also asked if the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan had the courage to tell the people that number 13 is unlucky. In the previous CongressledUDF ministry also there were no takers for No 13 state car, while CPI(M) Polit Buro member M A Baby, who was a minister in the V S Achuthanandan cabinet, had insisted in having the No 13 official car.