Cat ‘Sailor’ on tourist ship melts passengers’ hearts

Friday, May 27, 2016,17:43 IST By metrovaartha A A A

London | An attractive cat working as a crew member since 2008 on a Russian tourist ship has become an internet sensation after news of him having cruised for years and keeping watch on the captain’s bridge every night from midnight until 4 am spread.
The exotic shorthair cat named ‘Sailor’ has been working with Nikolay Chernyshevsky tourist boat and cruises the rivers between Moscow and St Petersburg along with his junior feline ‘Boatswaia’ and captain of the ship Vladimir Kotin.
The boat has a fullon crew of cats, headed up by captain Sailor who wanders the deck in his official jacket and hat, whereas Boatswain, a sweet little Scottish fold, likes lounging by the ship’s wheel.
Supporting the two felines in their journey is the ‘real’ captain Kotin, whose important duties include removing lint from Sailor’s jacket and making sure his hat has been correctly placed on his head, metro.co.uk reported. He has become not only a real crew member, keeping watch on the captain’s bridge every night from midnight until 4:00 am, but is also an attraction for tourists, a Russian media report said.
It’s not known how much of every 30,000 rubles (USD 450) the average ticket price for the cruise has been earned thanks to the attractive cat, but he definitely worked hard enough to earn himself a uniform and a subordinate, it said.
The two get along, although the younger one’s work ethic might be questionable as he tends to be a bit more lazy, Kotin said in a video, adding that he had got the second male cat to keep Sailor company.