Vinay Sapru-Radhika Rao’s snow white tale set in UP

Wednesday, Jun 1, 2016,15:06 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Mumbai | Director Vinay Sapru and Radhika Rao say their next film inspired by Snow White and Seven Dwarfs is set in Uttar Pradesh. The Snow White story is set in the northern belt of our country. It will be shot in Lucknow, Meerut etc. It’s a modern day take on the fairy tale story.

Its an action adventure travel musical film, Vinay said. For this film, the duo will be casting younger actors. We need young actors who are 20-23-year-olds or bit older. Besides the main lead there will be other known faces who will play the part of seven dwarfs but not exactly in the same way, they added.

Based on the Grimm Brothers’ classic fairy tale, the makers have tweaked the story a bit to suit the sensibility of the audience.

The fairy tale features elements such as the magic mirror, the poisoned apple, the glass coffin and the characters of the Evil Queen, Snow White’s evil stepmother, the huntsman, a beautiful princess named Snow White, a handsome prince and the seven dwarfs.

The huntman who was supposed to kill Snow White is merged with the character of the prince, so he is an unlikely hero. We will have key elements in the film but with a twist. There will be other changes in the film but we can’t reveal that much, the duo said.

The Lucky: No Time For Love helmer reveals their film will be more musical and it will have 14 songs. The climax will be shot in the mountains of Nepal. It (film) will not have a tragic end, Vinay adds. We will start shooting in a couple of months and we would like to release the film in May 2017, summer release, Vinay said.