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Amber Heard’s spilt from Depp not surprising

Wednesday, Jun 8, 2016,13:58 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

London | Amber Heard’s former agent says he does not find it surprising that the model-actress’ marriage to Hollywood star Johnny Depp did not last as according to him the couples personalities were bound to clash.

The 30-year-old Magic Mike XXL actress filed for divorce from the actor, 52, last month after 15 months of marriage and Jeffrey Nightbyrd, who was her first acting agent and is based near Amber’s parents’ home in Texas, was unsurprised by the news, reported Grazia magazine.

She and Johnny were always an interesting match. When two creative people like that get together romantically, they don’t last. The fact their marriage was over after 15 months is not surprising, he said. They are both alpha forces and there was bound to be a clash. Amber is naturally brilliant and original as an actress.

She’s totally bold and fearless, you could say she is an alpha female. Post split, Heard claimed she had been assaulted by Depp, and despite the Mortdecai star’s friends denying the allegations and his representative suggesting the Danish Girl star was attempting to secure a premature financial resolution by alleging abuse.