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Lily Allen blasts divorce rumours

Thursday, Jun 9, 2016,13:53 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

London | Singer Lily Allen has blasted reports that she and husband Sam Cooper are headed for divorce. The singer took to Twitter to respond to articles that claimed the building magnate had filed for divorce.

In a series of tweets, which have since been deleted, she said, The story is untrue. Sam has not filed for divorce citing infidelity, neither have I. Wherever it came from, it’s a lie… Why @GraziaUK would choose to run this libelous story where children are involved, without even checking is beyond comprehension.

In another post  in response to a user who shared one of the articles  Allen insisted the rumours were not true. Well unless the source is my shrink or my husband, they’re making assumptions. I’ve isolated, I don’t talk to anyone, she added when confronted with a source who allegedly had ‘substantial information’.