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Basic amenities missing in Sonia’s constituency: BJP leader Rae

Sunday, Jun 12, 2016,13:46 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Bareli | Attacking Congress President Sonia Gandhi, BJP leader Ajay Agarwal said it is ironical that despite 10 years of UPA rule, people in her Rae Bareli constituency were still struggling for basic amenities.

It’s ironical that in 10 years of UPA regime, nothing was done for the constituency represented by Sonia Gandhi and people here are still struggling for getting basic amenities, Agarwal said. He was talking to reporters at Rautapur in Sareni area while spending the night at a Dalit household.

He alleged that due to Congress’ opposition, Goods and Service Tax Bill could not be passed in Parliament. Agarwal, who had unsuccessfully contested against Gandhi in the 2014 polls, also highlighted various schemes launched by the Narendra Modi government.