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Officers blow whistle to stop people from defecating in open

Saturday, Jun 18, 2016,11:03 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Kanpur | As part of Swachh Bharat Mission, district authorities viisted 72 villages along the bank of river Ganga today to restrict people from defecating in open and motivate them to build toilets at home.

Chief Development Officer Arun Kumar accompanied by 36 district level officers, restricted around 200 people from urinating in open by blowing whistles in these villages. He said the progeamme will continue every week. Kumar said 116 villages of 10 gram panchyat situated along the Ganga has been marked as a part of the Mission.

He said soon the toilets will be made in every house hold. He said monitoring committees comprising 10 people have been formed in every village, who stop people from defecating outside and help villagers to construct toilets in homes.

He said apart from these villages, every household of 13 villages of three gram panchyat under Kanpur city have toilets and villagers do not urinate in open.