Thousands march through London against ‘Brexit’

Sunday, Jul 3, 2016,10:54 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

London | Thousands marched through London today in a ‘March for Europe’ to voice their protest against last week’s politically-charged referendum result in favour of Britain’s exit from the European Union that has bitterly divided the country.

Demonstrators at the rally, which was organised on social media, waved placards saying Bremain, We Will Always Love EU and Never Gonna Give EU Up. Theygathered around Park Lane before setting off for Parliament Square in the British capital. A campaign poster for the event reads, Bring food to share with each other ideally from a different European country.

Before of the event, organiser Kieran MacDermott wrote on its Facebook page, We can prevent Brexit by refusing to accept the referendum as the final say and take our finger off the self-destruct button. It is the responsibility of parliament to consider our democracy more carefully and call for a vote before they all accept the UK’s decline.

Scotland Yard said there were officers at the event to provide flexible and appropriate policing. Prime Minister David Cameron was forced to resign after he called the controversial referendum hoping for a Remain vote to silence Eurosceptics within his Conservative party.