Coconut oil, wheat, berger and pizza, plastic plate and glass, textiles to cost more; Transportation tax hiked

Friday, Jul 8, 2016,12:36 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Thiruvananthapuram | Food items such as coconut oil, wheat, berger and pizza will cost more as the Kerala Government has imposed tax on these items in the Budget for Financial year 2016-17.

Presenting the Budget in the Assembly Friday, Kerala Finance Minister Do. Thomas Isaac has announced 5% tax on coconut oil, 14% tax on berger and pizza, and 5% tax on packed wheat products.

Textiles tax rate was increased by 2%.

The minister said the government intends to impose 20 % tax on plastic plate and glass.

Transport vehicles tax has been hiked by 10%.

Fat tax will be levied on cooked food in branded restaurants.

Tax on hotel room rent was reduced.