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Trump to announce his vice presidential pick tomorrow

Thursday, Jul 14, 2016,12:52 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Washington | Donald Trump has said he would name his vice presidential pick tomorrow, capping a months- long frenzied speculation over his potential running mates. I will be making the announcement of my vice presidential pick on Friday at 11am in Manhattan, the 70-year-old real-estate tycoon from New York said in a tweet yesterday.

Mainstream American media speculated that Trump has shortlisted his running mate to a few. Topping the list are former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Governors Chris Christie from New Jersey and Mike Pence from Indiana. Over the past few days, Trump has met all of his potential running mates and many of them have addressed public rallies with him. The announcement will end rampant speculation about Trump’s vice-presidential selections.

According to The Washington Post, picking a running mate is one of the most consequential decisions a presidential candidate can make before Election Day. It offers a chance to breathe new energy into a campaign but also can weigh down a candidate with unforeseen baggage.

Many GOP strategists say Trump  who has struggled to stay on message in recent months amid missteps and controversies  needs a running mate who can defend him from a deluge of attacks and negative media attention, the daily said. Trump’s Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, too, is likely to announce her running mate soon.

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