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Guru Purnima celebrated at ISKCON in Mayapur

Tuesday, Jul 19, 2016,16:41 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Kolkata | Guru Purnima Mahotsav was today celebrated at Geeta Bhavan complex of ISKCON in Mayapur, with a large number of devotees and dignitaries attending the programme. Devotees decked up the complex at the ISKCON headquarters in Mayapur of Nadia district with flowers and oil lamps while kirtans in praise of the Guru were played.

The objective of the Mahotsav is to spread the message of Chaitanya Maha Prabhu, who believed that the practice of Sanatan Dharma could be a harbinger of universal brotherhood and make the world a better place. As many as 300 distinguished people of the district attended the programme.

Jayapataka Swami Maharaj, Governing Body Commission (GBC) of the ISKCON and one of the spiritual masters, graced the occasion. Sri Madhava Gouranga was also present.