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Swift’s Olympics theme rejected in favor of Katy Perry’s Rise

Thursday, Jul 21, 2016,12:24 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Los Angeles | Pop star Taylor Swift reportedly got her Olympic theme song rejected in favour of Katy Perry’s Rise. The two singers will likely release new albums this year and both of them were approached for the Olympic gig, reported Ace Showbiz. Blind Gossip, a site that publishes celebrity rumours without taking names, recently posted a story about a recent situation involving two famous singers who can’t stand each other.

Well, she blew it again! She was one of several singers in competition for a song for a major sporting event, but she just couldn’t rise to the occasion and come up with a song that would work, read a post on the website. Don’t bother asking her about it, though.

She will never, ever admit that she was even approached for the gig. After all, losing is just not a word that she wants associated with her or her work! However, she is definitely the one who feels most burned by the winner! That’s right. Losing is bad, but losing to Winner – the person with whom our singer has so much bad blood – was just infuriating! the site added. Neither Swift, 26, nor Perry has responded to the rumour yet.