Liver diseases on the rise in Kerala:PVT hospital

Friday, Jul 29, 2016,12:32 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Thiruvananthapuram | Chronic liver diseases are fast catching up among urban Keralites like other lifestyle disorders, including diabetes and hypertension, a private hospital, a major transplant centre, claimed here today.

With the fast changing lifestyle of the people, liver diseases have also increased proportionately, according to a press release from the KIMS Hospital here.

The hospital has started an exclusive clinic for treatment of liver diseases. The clinic will be headed by a team of liver transplant surgeons and supported by a team of doctors belonging to other medical departments, it said.

Inaugurating the clinic, Dr M I Sahadulla, Chairman and Managing Director of KIMS Hospital, it cannot be said that alcohol is the only cause for liver diseases, as lot of non-alcoholic cases of fatty liver disease was also being reported.

Other than this, diseases like Hepatitis A, B and C can also be a cause for liver diseases. It’s sad to note that in Kerala, the rise in liver diseases is ‘alarmingly high, he said.

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