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Minor protest erupts during Clinton’s speech

Friday, Jul 29, 2016,13:09 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Philadelphia | Hillary Clinton was booed by a small group of protesters as she delivered her primetime speech at the Democratic National Convention formally accepting the party’s nomination for president. While 68-year-old Clinton did not respond to the protesters, in a several dozens and were scattered all over the Wells Fargo Center, her supporters responded with chant of ‘Hillary’ so as to overcome the opposition voice.

Many of the supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders, the Democratic primary rival of Clinton, appeared in a neon green t-shirts with enough is enough written on it. Many supporters of Bernie, who were party delegates from California delegation, held up signs reading Walk the Walk and turned their backs to Clinton when she was speaking.

Both the Democratic convention here this week and the Republican convention in Cleveland last week witnessed protests both inside and outside the venue. A day earlier, former Defence Secretary Leon Panetta was also booed by Bernie supporters.

Clinton, who has been the secretary of state, first lady and a Senator from New York, secured her nomination at the Democratic National Convention here after a majority of the 4,764 party delegates formally backed her. If elected in the November 8 polls, Clinton would become America’s first female president and commander-in-chief.