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Hindu doctor found dead inside ICU of Pakistan hospital

Saturday, Jul 30, 2016,11:44 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Karachi | A 32-year-old Pakistani Hindu doctor was allegedly found dead under mysterious circumstances inside the Intensive Care Unit in a hospital here, a police official has said. Anil Kumar was found dead sitting in a chair on Friday after he had gone inside surgical ICU early in the morning, senior police official Naeemuddin said. His death is being investigated as he was found dead in mysterious circumstances, he said.

According the official, Kumar was discovered after he did not answer to knocks on the door of the surgical wing. The door was broken and he was found dead sitting on his chair. A syringe was found from the spot. It appears he had administered an injection on his hand as it was bandaged, Naeemuddin said.

The body was shifted to the hospital’s mortuary where doctors reserved his cause of death for chemical examination while the syringe has also been sent to a forensic laboratory for examination.

Earlier this week, a young Hindu businessman was killed and his Hindu friend injured when someone from a mob fired upon them during protests against the desecration of the Holy Quran by another Hindu man who had converted into Islam in Sindh province.

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