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Judge: Rapist should pay $10M to Arizona prison teacher

Wednesday, Aug 10, 2016,10:56 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Phoenix | A federal magistrate is recommending that a convicted sex offender who raped an Arizona prison teacher be ordered to pay her USD 10 million in punitive and compensatory damages, court records show.

The woman who was raped inside a prison classroom in January 2014 has already received a USD 3 million settlement from the state. The rape led to an overhaul of security arrangements for Arizona prison teachers and other unsworn staff members. They were issued pepper spray, cameras were placed in classrooms and the frequency of security checks was increased.

There’s little chance of collecting from Jacob Harvey if US District Judge Susan Bolton accepts the recommendation from the magistrate, said her attorney, Scott Zwillinger. But he could inherit money or receive cash from his tribe, which owns several Arizona casinos.

Harvey presented no defense and refused to participate in court hearings, leading to the magistrate John Z Boyle’s Aug. 3 recommendation that a default judgment be entered against him.