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Meryl Streep can’t play golf

Thursday, Aug 11, 2016,13:14 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

New York | There are few things that multiple Oscar-winning star Meryl Streep is bad at and that includes golf. The actress, who goes out of her way to learn and imbibe new skills to portray her characters, revealed that she tried her hands at golf but failed.

Actor Hugh Grant, her co-star in the upcoming film Florence Foster Jenkins and an avid golfer, seemed surprised and relieved with the revelation during a press conference, reported Vanity Fair. I’d love to see you be bad at golf. It would be very comforting… to see you be bad at something, he said. Streep, who won an Oscar for her portrayal of former British PM Margaret Thatcher, will be seen as as Florence Foster Jenkins in her new movie.

Jenkins was a 1940s New York socialite who pursued her dream to sing at Carnegie Hall despite having a terrible voice. When asked what she can’t do, Streep said, I can’t do a lot of things, like golf. I don’t like golf. I mean I really don’t because I tend to like things that I can do right away. If I can’t do it right away, I don’t like it.

Skiing I really like because you can sort of get up on skis, and if you are coordinated and completely without being reckless, you can lean forward and go. But golf, no! Nobody can do that. The 67-year-old actress said her husband Don Gummer tried to help her improve her golfing skills without success. I never hit the ball ever.

I remember my husband saying, ‘You’re coming up on the ball. You’re coming up.’ And I said, ‘I’m not coming up! I’m like hunkered down, and I hit right on the top of it, and there was the ball always sitting there. I took it and went home. I don’t like it.

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